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Sunday, August 15, 2010

hee banna!

hee banna! created by james kebu december 2009

This podtape business is really interfering with my relationship [I love you Petra], but I can’t leave rap alone, hiphop needs me. So without further ado, I’ma do the dang thang.

Apollo Diablo - ‘Chasing The Dragon’ ft. Lizibo M
Produced by: Obizzy [Heaven Sent Productions]

H T - ‘Tautona’ ft. Lesh D
produced by: Krypto [C.M.I Records]

Sliq Sta - ‘The Streets’
Produced by: Obizzy [Heaven Sent Productions]

Orakle / Konkrete - ‘What U Want’
produced by: Man E [Altitude Sounds]

MiLez - ‘Break It Down’ ft. Ozzy The Great
produced by: Dogg Shade

Brian B - ‘If You Don’t Feel It’ ft. Tedk.a.m
produced by: Illness For The Streets
Bally [Heaven Sent Productions]

Apollo Diablo - ‘Botshelo Jona’ [remix] ft. Towdee [of Morafe]
produced by: Towdee

H T - ‘Monate Wa Gaborone’ [remix] ft. Lex, T.h.a.b.o , Touch Motswak’Tswak, Mrepa, Dice
produced by: B.K Proctor [Basement Records]

Kebuileng? / Orakle / P.M.T - ? ? ?
produced by: Grandpa [XLT]

P.O.R.N - ‘Eish’
produced by: Bonology [XLT]

click here to download hee banna!

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