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Sunday, August 15, 2010

bundulama vs. nomadic vs. khwezi

bundulama vs. nomadic vs. khwezi created by james kebu november 2009

Podtape Take 2!!!

The podtape proceeds, back at it again with another dosage of Botswana hiphop & lounge music.

“seen it all” - Bundu prod. B-Note

“stars” - Nomadic ft. Bundu prod. Berry Bone

“back then” - Khwezi ft. Fishmaan, Bundu prod. Dominic ‘Mex’ Mandindo

“kgale” - Nomadic ft. Konkrete prod. Big Duke

“burning furnace” - Khwezi prod. Dominic ‘Mex’ Mandindo

“rise” - Nomadic prod. Draztik

“I believe [Tumelo] - Khwezi ft. Konkrete, Apollo Diablo prod. B-Note

This episode circulates around Khwezi & Nomadic, prime reason being these two put the podtape on to a whole lot of their own music. The podtape cannot play music, if artists do not deliver the music to the podtape, simple.

click here to download bundulama vs. nomadic vs. khwezi

Email your feedback & music to podtape@email.com or call ‘jameskebu’ on [+267] 72 385 074 to drop off tracks.

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