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Friday, August 27, 2010

respect my fresh podtape!

respect my fresh podtape! created by james kebu january 2010

Podtape vol. 5 opens with a snippet taken from smokingsection.net
RMF Radio on DJ Jamad's Afromentals--Sirius/XM Hip Hop Nation.

Khwezi/Zuziwe/Kebuileng? - ‘Do It’
Prod: Bonology [XLT]

Nomadic - ‘Remedial Waters’
Prod: Nomadic [Altitude Sounds]

Bundulama/Lordy Lordz - ‘Next To You’
Prod: Grandpa [XLT]

Iknuts Tha Mynd-Benda/Elle - ‘Gimme Gimme’
Prod: 2Deep [Sinewave]

Bernard Collyer [instrumental] - ‘Easy Breeze’

Slyfah - ‘Melodic Screams Of Agony’
Prod: Rellik of HBC [Psychadelik Sounds]

V.U.R.B - ‘Urkel’
Prod: Hassan Olu

Diego Marawana/Peaches/Diamond T/
Nature - ‘Thought You Should Know’
Prod: Stan [Sinewave]

Brian B/Ras Khejo - ‘Motswako On The Rise’
Prod: Illness For The Streets [Heaven Sent Productions]

Samba T - ‘Feel It’
Prod: Qbio [Sinewave]

Apollo Diablo/Bapsta/Konkrete - ‘Welcome To Broadhurst’
Prod: Obizzy [Heaven Sent Productions]

Zeus/K.E.B/Chubbz/Nitro - ‘Ghetto Symphony’
Prod: QXJR [Marked Men Productions]

Nthabie/Shorty Bang - ‘Distant Land’
Prod: Ootz [Mexy Land]

Touch Motswak’Tswak - ‘Pakistan’
Prod: Slyfah [Chicky Devils Productions]

Orakle - ‘I See You’
Prod: [MaddLabb Productions]

Zeus - ‘Champagne Music’
Prod: Ross “the ProduSir” [Octave Couplet]

I’d like to say thank you & shout out to Dj Trackstar, for granting permission to podtape to bite a sample from RMF radio show, & for playing Do It [that good ol’ absolute Botswana Hiphop].

Word has it Khwezi needs to stop appearing on each & every podtape, or else the Sound Edit Creations team will straight up bitch about it [eish]. I’m yet to collide with Zuziwe since Do It was recorded, doubt she knows it’s been leaking [catch me on facebook Zu]. One of those ‘why not’ moments at XLT with Bonology- Khwezi & Kebuileng? arrived, Zuziwe was in the building, Bonology said ‘let’s do it’. [by the way, I refer to B-Note as Bonology].

Nomadic put me on to his exclusive material, ‘Remedial Waters’ is yet to be heard by the planet. Nomad also tells me the joint is on some experimental tip, wasn’t sure podtape would play it [why not], but podtape plays that hiphop that makes sense to me [JamesKebu, ffck you]. Add to that Nomad also produced the joint, so that’s props twice. Third props again to Nomad, for calling while I was in studio, to ask “yo, when is podtape dropping?”

‘Next To You’ is one of those tracks Bonology put me onto for podtape. Bundulama kills anything he jumps on, Bundu will kill you on your own shht. I’m yet to collide with Lordz & personally give him props for the two tracks now, that podtape played with him on [don’t sue me].

A last minute put on was ‘Gimme Gimme’ by Iknuts. Podtape really wanted to go out [get in 2010] with unheard stuff & so called ‘exclusive’ bangers. This was just to set standards for all the kids [& elders] who wanna jump on podtape. I’ve never heard any Iknuts material, downloaded his joints [reverbnation] & gotta say Ik didn’t disappoint.

Bernard Collyer is really holding it down with keeping tabs on podtape. Props to you dun, I feel I have an assistant in you, & great that you work for free [that makes the two of us]. Sent me ‘Soft Breeze’ & it fell right into the podtape mushy moment. I actually almost cried, but that’s because my producer didn’t want to jam the joint, saying it sounds rock, ‘til he heard the beat drop, & my little sob story attached.

Who is Slyfah??? I dig ‘Melodic Screams of Agony’

Bishop V Black is a part of V.U.R.B, & yes he is a Motswana [by blood, not papers]. Based in the U.S I dig it that he reaches out to his motherland [???]
Look, I dig the track ‘Urkel’ & a dear friend [Bish’s cousin, Sino] put me on to material, I chose what I dug from the crate & podtaped it [why not].

Drew, you’re my friend dude. Thanks to you Diego Marawana reached me via
cellulite [mobile phone], to say he got my digits from you & sent through a track for podtape. A mad minute passed before I hollered back at Diego, but we cool, catch us on facebook. ‘Thought You Should Know’ is a track I would bump, hence podtape bumps it. & again Drew, thanks to you podtape group had a boom soon after you joined [hope you don’t get fired for being my friend dude], much appreciated.

Tedk.a.m is another dude I consider good to podtape. Thanks to you for the Brian B banger ‘Motswako On The Rise’. Its not always easy to dig in the Botswana crates, props to you for putting podtape on, & your podtape street teaming on facebook/edumela.

Amongst those that gave me more than one track to ‘try out’, I appreciate Samba T’s hook up. Yeh, took a minute, mare when we went to pick up, you wouldn’t let me leave empty handed. ‘Feel It’ is tight, I feel Samba’s flow dominates the beat, as though the beat moulds on Samba’s raps [whatever, what am I a connoisseur].

‘Welcome To Broadhurst’ is one of my favourite bangers from Apollo Diablo’s Rise Again Album. Funny how last year I called Diablo on my birthday to ask ‘what it do’,
He responds me to come through to Broadhurst 7/11, his video shoot’s popping. Get there to hear the track for the first time, while doing my cameo. Been a banger, still a banger.

Facebook is the bomb. My recently being friends with Q-xjr of Marked Men is how I got the hook up for ‘Ghetto Symphony’. A banger I strongly approve of on podtape. Marked Men as a brand is something I’ve always seen/read around me, on tapes [cds] & flyers, but can’t say I ever heard Marked Men material. This joint right here makes me feel I’ve got some catching up to do, for real.

I wasn’t supposed to play ‘Distant Land’, though Shorty Bang put me onto it. Short tells me the track’s not mastered, & didn’t want it to leak like so. Recently Short told me how this track was recorded during the laaast festive season & has not been heard since. Podtape to the rescue. Personally I dig the joint more because Nthabie is on it, & she’s really nice with the mic device, plus how Short holds it down [I’da prolly choked].

Another last minute joint that got put on, I’ve been chasing Touch Motswak’tswak for his material for a mad minute now. When he put me onto this one, he said to me, ‘I hope you like it dawg.’
I said to him, ‘if I don’t like it, either I’m gay or you’re slipping.’ Touch Motswak got it good, he’s not slipping any time soon [& I’m not ffcking gay]. Track’s produced by Slyfah, & again I ask, who is Slyfah???

Oracle, Oracologne, Orakaliano to me is like a dormant volcano that’s straight burning up the underground. I’ve had his joint ‘I See You’ from the MaddLabb mixtape for a minute now, & wanted to drop something slightly old school yet fresh, hence Tha Ora. Gemini is dropping on January 15, I’m rubbing on mittens for that one.

Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh! Zeus’ ‘Champagne Music’ shuts down podtape. Figured this being first podtape of the year, might as well kill it with track that killed me over New Year. I wanted to open podtape with this one, but honestly didn’t know what to play after it [Move-This Is Not A Slow Jam???].

As always, Sound Edit Creations is holding it down for me, Manmade kills it in the rec room [I’m just a pretty face]. I am forever thankful.

podtape continues. . .

click here to download respect my fresh podtape!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

hee banna!

hee banna! created by james kebu december 2009

This podtape business is really interfering with my relationship [I love you Petra], but I can’t leave rap alone, hiphop needs me. So without further ado, I’ma do the dang thang.

Apollo Diablo - ‘Chasing The Dragon’ ft. Lizibo M
Produced by: Obizzy [Heaven Sent Productions]

H T - ‘Tautona’ ft. Lesh D
produced by: Krypto [C.M.I Records]

Sliq Sta - ‘The Streets’
Produced by: Obizzy [Heaven Sent Productions]

Orakle / Konkrete - ‘What U Want’
produced by: Man E [Altitude Sounds]

MiLez - ‘Break It Down’ ft. Ozzy The Great
produced by: Dogg Shade

Brian B - ‘If You Don’t Feel It’ ft. Tedk.a.m
produced by: Illness For The Streets
Bally [Heaven Sent Productions]

Apollo Diablo - ‘Botshelo Jona’ [remix] ft. Towdee [of Morafe]
produced by: Towdee

H T - ‘Monate Wa Gaborone’ [remix] ft. Lex, T.h.a.b.o , Touch Motswak’Tswak, Mrepa, Dice
produced by: B.K Proctor [Basement Records]

Kebuileng? / Orakle / P.M.T - ? ? ?
produced by: Grandpa [XLT]

P.O.R.N - ‘Eish’
produced by: Bonology [XLT]

click here to download hee banna!

bundulama vs. nomadic vs. khwezi

bundulama vs. nomadic vs. khwezi created by james kebu november 2009

Podtape Take 2!!!

The podtape proceeds, back at it again with another dosage of Botswana hiphop & lounge music.

“seen it all” - Bundu prod. B-Note

“stars” - Nomadic ft. Bundu prod. Berry Bone

“back then” - Khwezi ft. Fishmaan, Bundu prod. Dominic ‘Mex’ Mandindo

“kgale” - Nomadic ft. Konkrete prod. Big Duke

“burning furnace” - Khwezi prod. Dominic ‘Mex’ Mandindo

“rise” - Nomadic prod. Draztik

“I believe [Tumelo] - Khwezi ft. Konkrete, Apollo Diablo prod. B-Note

This episode circulates around Khwezi & Nomadic, prime reason being these two put the podtape on to a whole lot of their own music. The podtape cannot play music, if artists do not deliver the music to the podtape, simple.

click here to download bundulama vs. nomadic vs. khwezi

Email your feedback & music to podtape@email.com or call ‘jameskebu’ on [+267] 72 385 074 to drop off tracks.

prequel to sequels to come

Greetings ya'll!

Welcome to it, the podtape, casting to ya'll from GabsCity [GC, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa]. Each episode is to be comprised of hiphop music recorded in Botswana. Meaning each track that gets on the playlist is made in Botswana, made by Batswana, or features a Motswana.

There is a lot where all those came from, my duty [jameskebu] will be to keep'em joints coming at ya'll.
hear this space.

click here to download prequel sequels to come